Our Guide to Bloomin’ Creative PR for Beginners – Part Two

In part one of our guide about achieving Bloomin’ Creative PR, we examined using press releases, charity & community sponsorship and awards as effective tactics that can be used to increase awareness of your brand, manage your reputation and spread your company’s key messages. In part two, we’ll look at the following PR techniques:

  • Expert Commentaries
  • Social Media
  • Market Monitoring

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Our Guide to Bloomin’ Creative PR For Beginners – Part One

The very nature of being a PR agency means we work with clients in a variety of different sectors. At Bloomin’ Creative, we offer a wide range of services, but the foundation of what we do is that we help businesses increase awareness of their brand, manage their reputation and spread their key messages.

As a result of developing technology, combined with media and consumer trends, new PR tactics are being introduced nearly every day. Therefore the list of ways to get publicity for your business can feel endless and perhaps a little overwhelming if you’re not familiar with the world of public relations. In part one of this guide, we’ll look at the following PR tools:

  • Press Releases
  • Charity and Community Sponsorship
  • Awards

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Interview: Founder of Bloomin’ Creative Chats to ICS for National Freelancers Day

To mark National Freelancers Day, our founder, Danielle Owen-Jones, chatted to specialist contractor accountancy firm ICS about her freelancing journey.

It was quite exciting for Bloomin’ Creative, as it was the first interview since our new agency set-up and it also coincided with the launch of our new website (take a peek if you haven’t already!)

The eighth National Freelancers Day was held on 9th June this year. NFD is a day that celebrates the UK’s most exciting, driven and enterprising self-employed people – so to say that we were flattered when ICS chose to interview us on that day would be quite the understatement!

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What the bloomin’ heck is PR anyway?!

We LOVE PR – after all, public relations is what we do day in and day out. PR and Bloomin’ Creative are a perfect pairing – like bacon and eggs, Batman and Robin, gin and tonic… you get the gist!

But we’re the first to admit that PR is a funny ol’ industry. We’re often asked: “What the heck is PR?! – Is it marketing? Is it copywriting? Is it lots of air kissing and Champagne lunches?” Sadly it’s no longer the latter, as the industry’s Ab Fab days are well and truly over. Which, actually, is not necessarily a bad thing, as PR is certainly being taken much more seriously now.

Businesses are recognising more and more just how vital PR is. Here at Bloomin’ Creative, we truly believe PR isn’t something that can be ignored. It’s a service that should be a core part of every company’s marketing strategy. Okay, yes, there’s a chance we might be ever-so slightly biased, but let’s take a little more in-depth look at the core of public relations and we’ll see if we can persuade you…

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