Welcoming The Crossing Point Café To The Bloomin’ Creative Family

You might’ve noticed on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that we have announced a new client this week… We are so pleased to welcome The Crossing Point Café to the Bloomin’ Creative family.

If you’ve been to the popular café in Kirkby Lonsdale, you’ll know exactly why it’s pretty special. Not only can you enjoy delicious, homemade and locally-sourced food, but there’s an impressively eclectic selection of wine and gin too. The wine and cigar shop adds an extra dimension to their offering – as well as the ever-popular Wednesday ‘Winesdays’ and ‘Small Plates & Drinks’ every Friday evening.

The Crossing Point Café’s popularity is demonstrated by its high-ranking on Trip Advisor (number three in Kirkby Lonsdale, and only ranked behind two restaurants – making it the highest rated café in the town). It was also recently listed as one of the top 200 places to eat in the whole of Cumbria by Cumbria Life magazine – a fantastic accolade. But not only that, the café was a finalist in the Cumbria Life Food and Drink Awards 2016 too!

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Client News – Two Local Charities Set to Benefit from ICS’ £5,000 Fundraising Drive

Our fabulous client ICS has recently announced some fantastic news…

The team at the Lancaster-based contractor accountancy firm is aiming to raise £5,000 over the next 12 months for their new charity initiative. The total amount raised will then be split equally between two wonderful local charities that were chosen following a staff survey – CancerCare and Defying Dementia.

John Lyon, ICS managing director, said: “There are so many fantastic charities doing phenomenal work in the Lancashire and Cumbria area, but CancerCare and Defying Dementia really resonated with the ICS team. Sadly, like many people, some of our staff members have had personal experiences with cancer and dementia, so we found that these two charities were the ones particularly close to our hearts.”

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Is the ‘clean eating’ trend on the verge of a PR crisis?

Did you catch the BBC documentary Clean Eating’s Dirty Secrets last week?

The programme saw vlogger Grace Victory investigating the ever-growing trend for ‘eating clean’. Over recent years, the queens of clean such as Ella Woodward (Deliciously Ella), Madeleine Shaw (Get the Glow) and Natasha Corrett (Honestly Healthy) have been instrumental in driving forward the movement for health and wellness.

Now that the trend has well and truly taken the UK by storm, no longer is quinoa being pronounced ‘kwinoha’ and you’d be hard pushed to find a family that doesn’t own a spiralizer. More and more people are cutting out gluten, sugar, dairy and meat. But is clean eating hiding a dirty truth? This is what Grace examines in her documentary as she vlogs about dabbling in a new ‘clean’ lifestyle and interviews dieticians, doctors and fellow YouTubers about the trend.

Here at Bloomin’ Creative, we found the documentary really interesting from a PR perspective. Many brands have benefitted from the increased awareness of the new clean eating culture, but will it eventually turn into a recipe for disaster?

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Taylor Swift & The PR Nightmare: Can She Shake It Off?

It hasn’t been the smoothest of months for pop princess, Taylor Swift.

Firstly, she is revealed as a ghost writer on her ex Calvin Harris’ summer hit ‘This is What You Came For’ leading to a war of words between the pair, with Calvin blasting her on Twitter and exclaiming he won’t let her ‘bury’ him like Katy (referring to Taylor’s feud with former BFF Katy Perry).

As if that wasn’t awkward enough, speculation is rife that her new romance with Tom Hiddleston is, in fact, a showmance – something only Tom has vehemently denied. But for some reason, the public just aren’t buying into #Swiftleston.

To top it off, this week it was Taylor Swift vs Kanye West: Round 12? 13? We’ve lost count! But basically, Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian, leaked a recorded phone call of the pair, in which Taylor can be heard allegedly giving the go-ahead to some controversial lyrics in Kanye’s song ‘Famous’ – lyrics that she later attacked him for using when the song was released.

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Our Five Favourite Fictional PR Characters

The release of Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie this summer saw the return of our favourite outrageously OTT PR guru, Edina Monsoon.

Now, we all know PR is often misrepresented when it comes to film and TV, but despite the misconceptions, there are still some absolutely fabulous fictional characters who have raised the profile of the PR industry over the years (even if it is often for the wrong reasons!)

Let’s take a look at our favourites…

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