Bloomin’ Creative PR In The Press!

We’ve had some absolutely fantastic press coverage recently. As a PR agency, we’re so used to looking after our fabulous clients’ PR, so it feels quite strange to be doing it for ourselves!

But at Bloomin’ Creative, we always practice what we preach, and we’re over the moon to have been featured in some great local media titles, including The Westmorland Gazette, In The Bay and In-Cumbria.

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A round of applause for Tesco – here’s how to deal with customer complaints… #RIPWilliamTheWorm

The way a business chooses to deal with a complaint on social media says a lot about them as a brand. Over the years, we’ve seen the good, the bad, the ugly – and now, we’ve seen the genius.

We want to give a Bloomin’ Creative standing ovation to Tesco, for their 10/10 response to a customer finding a dead worm wrapped around a cucumber. The conversation between Tesco and the customer has gone viral, with 40,000 shares and counting.

It began when Yorkshire man Wes Metcalfe bought a cucumber from the store and discovered a worm wedged inside the packaging. Mr Metcalfe’s complaint no doubt brought a smile to the Tesco’s social media team, as he joked about naming the worm William, losing his taste for cucumber sandwiches and cheekily referencing the story about a deadly spider being discovered on an Aldi banana.

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