Professional storytelling through PR, copywriting and freelance journalism,
from my base in beautiful Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria

Hello, I'm Danielle...

I'm a freelance PR consultant and journalist, and telling your story is what I do.
I'll capture the essence of your business and make every word count with fresh and compelling content, engaging social media and stories that pack a punch.

Do you want to...
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My Services

I can help craft your brand’s personality because finding the right words is the heart and soul of everything I do.
I’ll do this in a way that’s effective, efficient and well-priced.
You’ll be safe in the knowledge that your outsourced ‘words’ department is looking after everything – leaving you with precious time to concentrate on growing your business.
Essentially, I’ll make life easier for you.

Why work with me?

The beauty of what I offer is absolute flexibility as a freelancer – combined with my skills and experience in both journalism and PR.
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  • Are you a business owner?

You can hire me on a monthly retainer or ad hoc basis. I’ll look after your PR, content and social media – either as individual services, or wrapped up in one package.

  • Are you an editor?

Perhaps you need an extra helping hand with writing content for a blog, website, book, magazine or newspaper? You can hire me to help out per-project, or for a set number of days per week/month.

  • Are you a marketing agency owner or consultant?

Maybe you specialise in website design or branding, but need to utilise PR, content or social media so that you can complete a project. In this case, I can work alongside you to ensure your client gets exactly what they need.

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