Professional storytelling through PR, copywriting and freelance journalism,
from my base in beautiful Cumbria

Hello, I'm Danielle...

I'm a freelance PR consultant, author and journalist, and telling your story is what I do.
I'll capture the essence of your business and make every word count with fresh and compelling content, engaging social media and stories that pack a punch.

Do you want to... See your business in the press, but are not sure how to make it happen? Build an engaging blog, but are struggling for time and resources? Frame an actionable plan of creative ideas for your marketing activities? Create powerful content to help skyrocket your sales? Boost your online presence through social media?
Yes? Then let's work together

My Services

I can help craft your brand’s personality because finding the right words is the heart and soul of everything I do.
I’ll do this in a way that’s effective, efficient and well-priced.
You’ll be safe in the knowledge that your outsourced ‘words’ department is looking after everything – leaving you with precious time to concentrate on growing your business.
Essentially, I’ll make life easier for you.

Why work with me?

The beauty of what I offer is absolute flexibility as a freelancer – combined with my skills and experience in both journalism and PR.
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  • Are you a business owner?

You can hire me on a monthly retainer or ad hoc basis. I’ll look after your PR, content and social media – either as individual services, or wrapped up in one package.

  • Are you an editor?

Perhaps you need an extra helping hand with writing content for a blog, website, book, magazine or newspaper? You can hire me to help out per-project, or for a set number of days per week/month.

  • Are you a marketing agency owner or consultant?

Maybe you specialise in website design or branding, but need to utilise PR, content or social media so that you can complete a project. In this case, I can work alongside you to ensure your client gets exactly what they need.

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