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Our Guide to Bloomin’ Creative PR for Beginners – Part Two

In part one of our guide about achieving Bloomin’ Creative PR, we examined using press releases, charity & community sponsorship and awards as effective tactics that can be used to increase awareness of your brand, manage your reputation and spread your company’s key messages. In part two, we’ll look at the following PR techniques:

  • Expert Commentaries
  • Social Media
  • Market Monitoring

Expert Commentaries

If you have been running a business for many years and have vast experience within your industry, it’s well-worth positioning yourself as an expert. As long as you feel confident enough to give engaging talks at industry events and can speak with authority about topical issues related to your industry, it’s a completely free and excellent way of building both your reputation and that of your business.

Another form of this would be to make yourself known to journalists in your sector. After building a relationship with them, let them know they can contact you for a comment whenever they need an ‘expert opinion’ or comment for an industry-related article.

Social Media

Using online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, among many others, is a fantastic, fun and easy way to grow and develop your company’s reputation online, as well as giving it a human voice. A huge advantage of this is that social media is free. However, it will only work if your target market actually use the sites and if you have the time to maintain your profiles regularly.

The development of technology and the growth in social media is turning PR into a 24-hour job. If you think you might struggle to find the time to draft the content, schedule the posts, monitor responses and evaluate engagement levels, many PR and digital marketing agencies can help with this – including us at Bloomin’ Creative!

Market Monitoring

Monitoring public comment about a business and its products or services is becoming increasingly important, especially with the rise of social media. Today, monitoring involves watching what is written and reported in traditional print and broadcast media, as well as keeping an eye on a range of online outlets such as forums, blogs and social media sites.

You must be prepared to respond quickly to inaccurate information and negative opinions, as comments can spin out of control very quickly. Never, ever ignore negative feedback (especially on social media) – failure to correct misleading information quickly and professionally can be devastating to your reputation. It’s also very unlikely that ignoring the comments means they’ll go away – the user is far more likely to become increasingly frustrated and unhappy, leading to even more negative feedback.

We hope you enjoyed our two-part special guide about achieving Bloomin’ Creative PR for your brand! If you have any questions or queries about anything we’ve discussed, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – email

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