Five Favourite Fictional PR Characters

The release of Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie this summer saw the return of our favourite outrageously OTT PR guru, Edina Monsoon.

Now, we all know PR is often misrepresented when it comes to film and TV, but despite the misconceptions, there are still some absolutely fabulous fictional characters who have raised the profile of the PR industry over the years (even if it is often for the wrong reasons!)

Let’s take a look at our favourites…

Edina Monsoon, Ab Fab 

Ab Fab might’ve been around for over two decades now, but watching the absurd antics of Edina and Patsy never gets old. Despite being at its peak in the 90s, the timeless comedy still boasts a huge fan base of all generations and the film took more than £4 million at its opening weekend. It’s rumoured that the character of Edina Monsoon is loosely based on Lynne Franks – a PR expert who was a familiar face on the London party scene in the 80s when she represented an impressive portfolio of fashion designers. Ab Fab might be absolutely fabulously outrageous, but we love it. Dahling.

Favourite quote

“PR! I PR things! People. Places. Concepts.”

Malcolm Tucker, The Thick Of It

Well, we certainly wouldn’t want to work for him, with him or against him, but there’s no denying that Malcolm Tucker’s potty mouth tirades were the highlight of The Thick Of It. It was ever so slightly ironic that he worked in public relations, as his own relations with the public could’ve done with a bit of work. That’s why the only PR lesson we’ll take from Malcolm Tucker is that your own reputation is just as important as the clients you represent and the business you work for.

Favourite quote

It wasn’t an easy task finding a quote suitable for a blog (!!)

This is probably one of his most PG-rated quotes: “Terri, when I want your advice, I’ll give you the special signal. Which is me being sectioned under the Mental Health Act.”

Samantha Jones, Sex and The City

Samantha Jones – the quintessential PR glamour girl. With her straight-talking honesty, naughty wit and ballsiness, she’s the original independent woman. Throughout the series, the PR industry is portrayed as the age old stereotype of endless parties and events, but we still love the character’s confidence and her direct approach when it comes to her high-flying career. What can we learn about PR from Samantha Jones? Keep it simple, keep it glamorous.

Favourite quote

Again, difficult to find a blog-appropriate one! Let’s go with: “I don’t believe in the Republican party or the Democratic party. I just believe in parties.”

Jerry Maguire, Jerry Maguire

Maguire is a successful sports agent who loses his job when he writes a mission statement about corruption in the sports management business. Although the character isn’t a PR professional as such, anyone in the industry can learn from his commitment and dedication to his client, as well as his marketing know-how, negotiating skills and pitching strategy.

Favourite quote

The only quote it can be… “Show me the money!”

Shauna Roberts, Entourage

Shauna is the brutally honest publicist who represents Vincent Chase. Thanks to her razor-sharp tongue, Shauna is the only character in Entourage who is brave enough and quick-witted enough to stand up to Ari and the boys. Throughout the series, her insults were golden and always made for entertaining viewing, but we’re sure her language wouldn’t be well received in the real world of client-PR relationships.

Favourite quote

Turtle: Nobody puts Baby in the corner.
Sofia: Dirty Dancing.
Turtle: Yeah, it was on last night. I was flipping by.
Shauna: No one cares. Baby, to your corner.

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