4 Reasons to Fall in Love With PR this Valentine’s Day

Red roses, bottles of champagne, boxes of chocolates and fluffy teddy bears are everywhere, and every time you check your inbox, you’re being inundated with emails promoting deals for romantic escapes and candlelit dinners… Yep, it can only mean one thing – Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

February is the month of love, and as a small business owner, you can use this opportunity to fall in love with PR. Here are four reasons why we think PR and your business is a match made in heaven.

  1. It’s a low-cost marketing tactic

This is especially true when you compare PR to advertising. While advertising in print media, or on TV, radio and websites can be extremely costly, PR is all about earning press coverage – as opposed to paying for it. If you’re looking after your company’s PR yourself, then your cost will simply be your time. However, if you prefer the expertise of a PR company, prices will vary depending on a number of different factors. Here at Bloomin’ Creative, we’re a PR agency based in Cumbria working with clients in a number of different industries, including accounting, creative, hospitality, leisure and property. Our PR packages are bespoke and tailored to the individual needs of each of our clients, with prices starting from £300 per month.

  1. You can plan your PR activity in advance for the year

When it comes to running a business, we understand how important it is to feel like everything is organised and under control. The great thing about PR is that you can do a lot of planning in advance. Our recent blog post ‘5 PR New Year Resolutions for Small Business Owners’ talks about the different ways businesses can plan for PR and marketing opportunities throughout the year.

  1. It’s the perfect chance to get creative and it can be really, really exciting!

At its heart, PR is an opportunity to be creative, to get involved with the media, and of course, if you secure an interview in a newspaper, a magazine, or on radio or TV then it’s pretty impossible not to get excited about the fantastic (and free) exposure for your brand! But not only that, you can also tie PR in seamlessly with your marketing, social media and content strategies.

  1. PR can protect the reputation of your brand in times of crisis and uncertainty

Nobody knows what’s waiting around the corner, and a PR crisis can mean different things for different businesses. For example, imagine you’re a restaurant owner in a popular tourist destination, like Windermere in the Lake District. How would you handle it if a number of customers suffered food poisoning after eating at your restaurant and contacted the local newspaper? Would you feel confident in answering a journalist’s questions about how you’re handling the situation? For any business, no matter what size, a crisis communications plan (this can simply be a one-page document outlining potential situations and how you’d deal with them) is absolutely vital to protect your reputation and minimise any risks of potential long-term damage to your business.

If your PR efforts have so far left you feeling heartbroken, let Bloomin’ Creative sweep you off your feet – we’ve had a love affair with all things PR, marketing and media for as long as we can remember. Leave a message for us here, email or call 07837858195.

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