4 tips to make your summer PR campaign sizzle

We’ve been enjoying the glorious weather in Cumbria this weekend, and it inspired us to write about our top tips to make your PR campaign sizzle this summer…

1. Let the sun shine on your business

Whatever industry you’re in, there’s always something you can shout about to attract press coverage. We work with clients in a variety of different sectors, including financial services, property development and hospitality, to name just a few. Throughout our experience in media and PR, one thing we’ve learnt is that there’s always something newsworthy you can use to your advantage. Whether that’s on a local or national level, or a topical talking point in your industry that you can ‘piggyback’ onto, and secure press coverage in trade titles. Keep an eye out for opportunities to become a thought leader, such as expert commentaries, opinion pieces, guest blogs and personal profiles. Journalists are often looking for comments on stories that are in the press. For example, a couple of our clients were recently featured discussing the snap election on a business news website which has a combined readership and subscriber base of over 300,000.

2. Pack your bag for a PR picnic

When issuing press releases, don’t forget the PR essentials. Remember to send a selection of professional headshots (portrait and landscape) of the person who is quoted in the release. Be sure to let the journalist know your contact details in case they need more information, or would like to arrange a phone interview. Each press release should also have one page (maximum) of Notes to Editors, which is a list of bullet points with brief background information about the company. Remember to format your press release correctly, with a clear text font and size, paragraph spacing, correct spelling and grammar, and a word count no longer than 800 words (bear in mind this is still likely to be edited down).

3. Raise a glass of Pimm’s to your team

The summer is the perfect time to celebrate the achievements of your employees. Both in terms of your firm’s reputation externally, but also internally. A simple gesture, such as buying ice creams for the office on a hot day, or an early finish to enjoy a refreshing drink in a beer garden, will certainly boost staff morale in the summertime. In terms of PR, there are a number of good news stories that will interest the press – for example, if an employee reaches a milestone anniversary of years working for the company, achieves a special promotion or passes an important exam. Press releases about new hires, especially at a senior level, are always a good way to secure media coverage.

4. Don’t forget the sun cream…

Just as sun cream is important for your skin as the weather hots up, consider what the equivalent of sun cream is for your business. A ‘crisis’ can mean different things for different businesses, but crisis communications is a vital part of PR that should never be ignored. Depending on the nature of your business, safeguarding yourself from a crisis could be as simple as issuing social media guidelines to staff, or instructions for replying to negative online reviews on a site such as TripAdvisor. Or it could be as potentially challenging as drafting a statement to the press following legal proceedings. No matter how big or small a crisis might be, it’s important to ensure the necessary procedures are in place to protect your company’s reputation and deal with any potential issues efficiently and professionally, every day of the year.

Are you interested in working with Bloomin’ Creative this summer? We’ll be your ray of sunshine for all things PR. Positivity and enthusiasm are two things we pride ourselves on (as well as our proven track record of results and 100% client retention rate). We’ll immerse ourselves in your business and become part of your team. If that sounds like your cup of tea (or glass of Pimm’s), get in touch – email danielle@bloomincreative.co.uk or call Danielle on 07837858195.

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