My 3 favourite Game of Thrones PR stunts

Winter came to the world of PR this month – and a number of companies fought to sit on the iron throne and be crowned the winner of the best Game of Thrones PR stunt.

The creative stunts coincided with the brand new series, which launched on Monday 17 July.

The first of the three was the brainchild of comms agency Taylor Herring and saw White Walkers roaming creepily around British landmarks.

Five actors were transformed into the ghoulish figures and were spotted at Hadrian’s Wall (George RR Martin’s inspiration for the Wall), as well as Oxford Circus, Tower Bridge and The Tower of London, before they advanced on Buckingham Palace’s Throne Room.

Another fantastic stunt saw Tourism Ireland unveiling a massive 250ft tapestry that features the plot of the last six seasons.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, they will continue to get PR mileage out of the stunt, as they will unveil a new section of the tapestry every time an episode of season seven airs. The section for episode one is currently being woven and will be unveiled on 24 July – perfect timing for episode two and the weaving to start again.

The tapestry is currently on display at the Ulster Museum in Belfast and you can explore the interactive version here.

Finally, a stunt which included probably one of our favourite ever puns. Deliveroo teamed up with Hot Pie to open the ‘You Know Nothing, John Dough’ bakery, selling direwolf bread baked by a Game of Thrones actor.

These stunts demonstrate that it pays to be creative when it comes to PR. They have each been picked up by the national and global media and have certainly done their job of raising awareness of the new series, while having a little fun along the way.

They are also a perfect example of how it pays to ‘piggyback’ onto events and stories that are either already in the news or are being talked about. If you are a business owner, there are a number of ways you can do this for talking points within your industry.

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