Pets in PR – Meet the Bloomin’ Creative office mascot, Poppy the cockapoo

Ever wondered what it’s like being ‘top dog’ at a PR agency? Well, wonder no more! Meet Poppy – the Bloomin’ Creative office mascot who certainly thinks she’s top dog at our Cumbria-based public relations consultancy.

As featured on one of our all-time favourite PR websites, PR Moment, this is a day in the life of one-year-old cockapoo, Poppy Owen-Jones – designated trouble maker, real-life teddy bear, pen stealer extraordinaire and fluff ball of love.


I try to avoid puppy fat so start my day with a healthy breakfast. Chopped carrots with chicken is my favourite, but I will settle for traditional dog food if it’s mixed with a bit of tuna. I’m good like that.

I’ll take my humans for a morning walk around Kirkby Lonsdale. The lovely village in Cumbria is where I call home – it’s a fabulously dog-friendly place which is perfect for walks and the odd paddle in the River Lune.

Then it’s down to work with my owner and ‘boss’ (as she likes to regard herself, but we both know I run the show). She heads up a PR agency called Bloomin’ Creative and entrusts me with the task of picking up the newspapers and magazines when they’re delivered each morning. I’ll carefully pass them on (I never shred them, don’t believe the rumours) so Danielle can check for press coverage for her clients.

I do have many special skills to offer my ‘boss’ including a relentlessly positive attitude to life, reflected in my ever-wagging tail and the ability to ease the pressure of a busy work environment by simply looking cute. I also regularly feel the need to start barking in the middle of an important conference call or phone interview – what can I say, I must be psychic!

Before lunch, I might update my Instagram with some new pictures. I’m up to 1,200+ followers now, yippee! All thanks to the expert social media guidance of Bloomin’ Creative of course…


Post-lunch is often time for either client PR evaluations, or writing and proofreading press releases, but I’m not into spreadsheets, reading and writing so it’d be barking mad of me to help. I’ll sit this one out, usually by taking a nap somewhere.

When the human workers have a break, I’ll try and do my best to distract them and make them chase after me. I usually get told off because I’ll steal a pen or try and nick a biscuit from the jar, but I’m only trying to help – life is hard when you’re a pet in PR sometimes!

When it comes to strategy sessions, I’ll always lend an ear but will try and tell them if it isn’t a great idea by yawning. They don’t always listen to me, mind.

Home time, yay! We usually have another lovely walk through Kirkby Lonsdale, and then I can’t wait to have my dinner, go to sleep, and wake up to do it all over again. I do love being a pet in PR – even if they do make me work like a dog!

You can follow the adventures of Bloomin’ Creative’s mischievous mascot on her Instagram – @poppyojthecockapoo

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