From private jets to pints in the Rovers Return – the weird and wonderful world of journalism (part one)

At Bloomin’ Creative, we’re immensely proud of our journalism roots. We look at every aspect of our PR campaigns with a journalist’s head on our shoulders. We believe this is the key to success in the press for our clients. Whether it’s B2B or B2C public relations, with coverage in local press, editorials in trade titles, guest posts on target blogs or product placement in national magazines and newspapers. Whatever the end goals is, looking at everything from a journalist’s perspective is our USP here at Bloomin’ Creative and something we pride ourselves on.

Our copywriter, Colette, cut her teeth as  journalist for one of the country’s biggest regional newspaper groups, before moving into corporate PR and communications, working with brands such as IPC Magazines, Gower Publishing, Sun Life of Canada, McVities, KP Snacks and the Health and Safety Executive.

Journalism and PR go together hand in hand and we’ve both experienced some weird and wonderful situations throughout our careers as journalists. Here, Bloomin’ Creative copywriter Colette talks us through her highlights as a hack.

Rubbing shoulders with George Michael

I always think journalism is a vocation. You don’t go in for it to earn mega money or have cushy hours. That might come later but the early days tend to be filled with long (and frequently tedious) council meetings, repetitive court cases and a mix of uplifting and, occasionally, heart-breaking human interest stories.

But no two days are the same, particularly when you move into corporate journalism (much bigger budgets than local newspapers!)

For this blog, I thought I’d recall some of my quirkier journalism assignments.

Top of the list, literally, is the time I climbed to the top of Nelson’s Column! Not too many people can claim to have done this – and, in this heightened health and safety aware era, not many people will ever get the chance. It was both terrifying and thrilling!

I obviously like to keep a high profile because I’ve also clambered into a cradle hanging over the side of one of London’s highest buildings so I could help clean the windows – all in the name of getting a good story.

I also went up in the world when I worked for a company that had a private jet. Naturally I needed to write a story about a day in the life of the pilots. This involved flying to Paris for lunch. I know. Hard life.

On a more down to earth level, I’ve had a drink in the Rovers Return as they filmed a scene for Corrie, I’ve attended red carpet parties and socialised with the likes of George Michael and, on a slightly less glamorous level, I’ve experienced what it’s like to work on a chocolate production line (for the record, it was hard work. So much willpower needed!)

Having a pint in the Rovers Return – can you spot Deirdre Barlow in the background?

Oh and I never did reach the stage of mega money and cushy hours but who cares? I’ve met Nelson, Ken Barlow and George Michael…

Did you enjoy reading about Colette’s mad and marvellous experiences as a journalist? Then keep an eye out for part two when Bloomin’ Creative director Danielle reminisces about wearing her highest heels to interview the tallest man in Europe and taking part in a Medieval re-enactment.

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