Happy Halloween! Make sure your business receives more treats than tricks when it comes to PR

There’s no doubt about it – PR is a fangtastic way to raise awareness of your business.

Through implementing the right strategy and working closely with a skilled and experienced public relations agency or trusted consultant, PR certainly is an effective way to boost any morbid marketing efforts.

With Halloween just around the corner, we thought it was the perfect time to offer our top tips to ensure your business sees more treats than tricks when it comes to PR.

Petrifying PR strategy

Ensure you have a clear goal for your PR strategy, as this will provide a solid route to the PR and marketing tactics that need to be implemented throughout the campaign. A strategy will help you ensure you’re targeting the right audience at the right time in the right way. We use our experience in the PR and media industry to create short-term and long-term campaigns for our clients and our contracts are flexible, meaning clients typically sign up for six months or 12 months of support.

Phantom press coverage

Are you firing off press releases and seeing no results? This is known as the ‘spray and pray’ method in PR and marketing. It basically means PR activity without a long-term vision or goals. Quality over quantity is key when it comes to public relations. You need to make sure the press releases you’re sending out to journalists are newsworthy and have a strong hook, otherwise you’re wasting their time, not to mention your own. If you’re struggling to secure regular high-quality press coverage in your target media titles, get in touch – we’d be more than happy to help.

Frightful feedback online

This is something no business can afford to ignore in the modern age of social media. Customers are now much more likely to fire off a ranting tweet than pick up the phone and complain directly. There are simple ways to manage this, such as dealing with complaints quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, politely. For example, if you receive a negative Facebook comment, politely ask them if you can give them a call to discuss further, hopefully avoiding airing dirty laundry online for your other Facebook followers to see.

Creepy crisis communications

Define what a crisis means to you, at both ends of the scale. Don’t walk around like a mindless zombie keeping your fingers crossed that a crisis will never hit – any business, big or small, is at risk of a crisis. If you don’t prepare, you’re highly likely to incur more damage in the long run. You can easily put together a basic crisis plan. Firstly, identify your crisis communications team (who will speak to the media? Do you have the phone number of a trusted PR professional who you can call upon to help?), establish monitoring systems, such as those on social media, and develop holding statements that will guide you in the event of a crisis.

Have a Spooktacular Halloween everyone!

Remember, if you want to bring your marketing efforts back from the dead and would like to have a chat about a devilishly delightful PR campaign for your business, drop us a line – email danielle@bloomincreative.co.uk or call 07837 858195.

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