So, guys, let’s totally sizzle this bacon…

Oh. Em. Gee. I totes can’t believe W1A has come to an end. Hashtag come on BBC. Let’s smoke this mackerel.

Okay, because, here’s the thing guys, even though the TV world of PR is absolutely way crazy, I did enjoy giggling at PR guru Siobhan Sharpe. And, although totes wacky, she absolutely had some way cool, amazeballs ways of looking at hashtag brand BBC.

Here are some of my top notch, totally 10 out of 10, utterings from Ms Sharpe…

“You wanna be the best duck hunter, you go where the ducks are. You take the hoisin sauce with you.”

“If we get bandwidth on this…you’ve got maple syrup on your waffle from the get go.”

“Okay guys, if we don’t whack this raccoon first time we’re looking at a total crapfest. No question.”

“We’re nailing jelly to the hothouse wall.”

“Okay guys. Here’s where we ramp up the interest and take it to the next level. And how we are going to do this…by breaking up the Google juice.”

“At the moment, it’s a dinosaur. But what we’re going with is we’re making it into a rhinosaur. So now it doesn’t even exist yet, but it totally should exist.”

“I totally am listening…what it is is, you guys aren’t saying the right stuff.”

“We don’t sell crab cakes in a sausage factory.”

If you want help telling your story, then in the wise words of Siobhan, let’s whack this piñata. Email danielle@bloomincreative.co.uk or call 07837858195*

*I promise to never repeat any of the above quotes…

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