The business and PR lessons you can learn from Elf, Scrooge and Santa

It’s officially The Most Wonderful Time of The Year and I think it’s also the perfect opportunity to take a look at the business and PR lessons to be learnt from a selection of my favourite Christmas films…(any excuse to watch Christmas films!)

Elf – who doesn’t love Elf? I’m a bit like him – bursting with positivity and enthusiasm. He also demonstrates how important it is to maintain a positive mindset in a crisis (these are vital qualities whatever the crisis. Y’know, whether it’s saving Christmas or saving a brand’s reputation).

Jingle All the Way – Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a dad who leaves his Christmas shopping until the very last minute. Alas the action figure his son desperately wanted is sold out causing all sorts of problems. The lesson here is: Don’t procrastinate. If you’ve been putting off doing something that you need to tackle – make it the first thing you do in the morning. The rest of the day will feel less stressful.

Miracle on 34th Street – an old classic. The real Santa’s authenticity is questioned. Being honest, authentic and transparent are three of the most important qualities a business can have if, like Santa, it wants to live happily ever after.

Love Actually – a collection of beautifully told emotional festive tales. Storytelling is the most important part of PR. Your business is so much more than your products and services. At Bloomin’ Creative, I can help you tell your story so that you’re featured in the publications you want to be in (often resulting in a Hugh Grant-style happy dance).

A Christmas Carol – probably the ultimate festive tale. This is about learning from past mistakes. As Scrooge eventually learns, the past is the past. If things haven’t gone quite right, don’t say bah humbug and give up. Re-evaluate your actions and consider new approaches. Just like Ebenezer himself, by changing your outlook you can change your life.

Home Alone – a little boy has to come up with creative ways to protect his home from burglars. Spoiler alert: By thinking outside the box, he saves the day! My PR consultancy isn’t called Bloomin’ Creative for nothing. I never think inside the box when it comes to communications, so if you need a bit of creative help getting your messages out, I’m the PR consultant for you.

Polar Express – this is all about the power of belief. A young boy has his doubts about Santa’s existence and he soon finds out that miracles can happen if you truly believe. At the risk of sounding cheesy (hey, it’s Christmas, I’m allowed) if you have passion and belief in your business, you’re halfway there.

It’s a Wonderful Life – last but certainly not least. For me, this is the ultimate Christmas film. It tells the story of George Bailey who wishes he’d never been born. His wish comes true and he sees how the world would be without him (not great!) He hadn’t realised what a positive influence he’d had on so many other lives. It’s all about the ripple effect, and this is just as relevant in business. Everything you do makes up the jigsaw of your business. Whether it’s networking, providing a service, selling or buying, your decisions and actions – however small – touch so many others…so make your impact count.

Armed with tons of passion and belief (plus plenty of PR and journalism experience), I launched Bloomin’ Creative less than four years ago. Since then, I’ve won an award for ‘Best Boutique PR Agency in Cumbria’ and I’m delighted to have a rapidly expanding list of clients all over the North West.

I’d say it’s a Christmas miracle. But it isn’t. It’s down to many of the qualities mentioned above – hard work, passion, belief, experience, creativity and honesty, being aware of the ripple effect, learning from mistakes…and an alarmingly vast knowledge of Christmas film plots!

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