Top 5 PR myths dispelled

Myths come in all shapes and sizes but, when it comes to PR, they’re often huge. Here are our top five favourite myths debunked…

Myth 1:  Hiring a PR consultant is a luxury that only big companies can afford.

While we do have a number of large companies on our books at Bloomin’ Creative, many of our clients are small businesses run by just one or two people. We know many SMEs don’t have big marketing budgets, which is why we’ve priced our PR and marketing packages to be completely flexible.

Myth 2: PR is all very well, but advertising is guaranteed space that will be seen by more people.

Research has shown that an editorial is typically three times more persuasive than an advertisement and costs considerably less. Let’s face it, most people aren’t daft. They know that editorial coverage has far more credibility than paid-for space. And, as for being seen by more people, mountains of market research has demonstrated that we tend to read editorial and flick past adverts.

Myth 3: The value of PR can’t be measured.

Any PR agency worth their salt will provide a regular (typically monthly) evaluation and analysis of the publicity they have achieved for their client. This should include an indication of its financial value, as well as how many people have had the opportunity to see the coverage.

Myth 4: ‘Public relations’ is just another phrase for spin and manipulation.

This old chestnut still crops up now and again, but thankfully it’s very much an outdated view now. Most savvy companies know that PR is a valuable tool which, in the hands of a professional, will enhance reputations, increase awareness and grow businesses.

Myth 5: To achieve the best results, you need to hire an in-house PR professional.

There are so many advantages to outsourcing your PR needs. As well as saving yourself the hassle and red tape of formally employing someone, you’ll enjoy the benefit of an outsider’s perspective, together with their fresh ideas and wide-ranging experience. They won’t be afraid to tell you if an idea is a non-starter. And, you can outsource your PR for less than £1,000 a month – which is considerably more cost effective than the cost of employing an experienced PR professional full-time.

If you would like to discuss any weird or wonderful PR myths you’ve heard, get in touch – we love a good natter over a brew. Email or call 07837858195.

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