My travel love story and why I’m writing travel content

I believe one of the best things in life is seeing the world. From city breaks to tropical adventures, backpacking and island-hopping…there’s something truly magical about visiting a place for the first time. You can’t beat the feeling of the plane wheels hitting the runway of a country that’s at the top of your bucket list. A bite of the local delicacy you’ve been desperate to try. Opening the door to your hotel room for the first time. That feeling of the sun on your skin while sipping a cold glass of wine.

I’m sure everyone is feeling the same way – the last few months have certainly made me realise how much I take for granted in life. One of which is travel. Travel is a luxury. To travel is to have the privilege of experiencing different cultures and different ways of living life…it’s the endless possibilities of looking at life in a new way, through fresh eyes. One of my lockdown resolutions is that never again will I take travel for granted.

Travel journalism is one of my favourite aspects of my work. When I started my career as a journalist, I was lucky enough to enjoy some fabulous press trips around the UK and Europe (wine tasting and sampling Michelin-starred menus in the South of France was a particular highlight!) Recently, I’ve been invited on some wonderful press trips, including an escape to the Scottish Highlands and a luxury spa getaway.

I think my wanderlust was destined from a young age. I took my first plane journey when I was two months old. My family have always travelled and have spent their lives abroad. My grandparents lived in Nigeria for years, my mum has called Australia, Canada and Spain home, and most of my family are now based in New Zealand and the UAE. I have no doubt that travel is in my genes. My travel bucket list is massive and seemingly never-ending, whenever somewhere or something new intrigues me.

I had a busy press trip and travel diary planned for 2020, but nobody could’ve predicted just what was in store when the clock struck midnight on 31st December, 2019. Of course, it goes without saying that a restriction on travel is nothing compared to what many people have experienced during the Covid-19 crisis. I do believe that one of the few good things to come out of this difficult situation is that the UK’s hospitality will likely see a boom in bookings as more holidaygoers opt for staycations and exploring the places that we’re so lucky to have right on our doorstep. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to writing some armchair-wanderlust content this summer, which I’ll also pop on this blog.

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