Reasons to hire a freelance content writer

6 compelling reasons to work with a content writer

Why might you choose to work with a professional content writer? What can they bring to the table, and how can they add value to your business? In this blog, I’ll explore six compelling reasons why you should work with a content writer.

1. A good content writer is highly skilled and experienced

A content writer is someone who writes engaging, informative and relevant written content in a variety of online and offline formats. A good content writer will also be a strong storyteller, an excellent researcher, and of course, a brilliant writer. They’ll use their skills and expertise to craft high-quality content that will resonate with your audience and fulfil its purpose, whether that’s to showcase products, tell a story or generate sales.

2. Bad content writing will be detrimental to your business

Copy that’s littered with spelling mistakes, bad grammar and poorly crafted sentences will weaken your message. It might even put potential customers off working with you. Bad content looks unprofessional. Well-written, high-quality content immediately presents a business as a professional outlet with expertise and authority.

3. Engaging content means your audience is more likely to convert to paying customers

Content that is free from spelling mistakes, grammatically correct and well-structured is ideal. Content that is also interesting, engaging, unique and relevant to your audience is golden! Ultimately, content writers will produce excellent content that will attract more visitors to your business and boost your website’s SEO (search engine optimisation). Content writers are vital in converting potential customers to paying customers.

Reasons to hire a freelance content writer

4. You don’t want to write the content yourself

There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to spend the time and energy writing content for your business. Perhaps you don’t know where to start with a content plan, or writing isn’t your strongest skill. That’s OK! We all have our own strengths and weaknesses, and a content writer will ease the burden for you. If you hire a professional content writer, you can spend your precious time elsewhere, safe in the knowledge that they’re using their expertise to craft copy that will WOW your customers. Outsourcing work to a professional means you’ll have more time and energy to focus on your work and goals.

5. Hiring a freelance content writer is a flexible way of working

You might decide to hire a full-time or part-time content writer. Or it might suit you better to engage a professional freelance writer offering content writing services. There are many benefits to working with a freelancer. For example, it’s less commitment than taking on a new member of staff.

Freelance content writers structure their services and payments differently, but most will offer flexibility as a key selling point. For example, my prices and services include individual content writing services for one-off projects, or the option to choose a package of ongoing support, starting from £600 per month for a minimum of three months. I’ve chosen to structure my content writing services to cater to all content requirements. It’s flexible but structured in a way that will give my clients brilliant results (read their delighted reviews of working with me!)

6. Digital content writers have a solid SEO knowledge

SEO (search engine optimisation) will play a significant role in digital content, such as website page writing and blog writing. Digital content writers will use targeted keywords to create well-written and high-quality content that will appeal to a target audience while also boosting a website’s SEO, and in turn, Google ranking. For example, typical blog writing tasks might include general subject research, interviewing relevant people, SEO keyword research, crafting headlines, creating images and assets, optimising on-page SEO and then sharing the blog on relevant social media platforms.

SEO is an excellent skill that digital content writers bring to the table because writing content while ensuring keywords fit organically and the copy still reads naturally can be challenging. Consistently creating high-quality content is one of the best ways to boost your website’s SEO and generate more traffic.

If those six reasons aren’t enough to convince you to hire a freelance content writer, book a consultation with me and learn more about the value I bring as a content writer with thirteen years of experience in professional writing.

Six reasons to work with a content writer - infographic by Bloomin' Creative

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