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Hi, I'm Danielle Owen-Jones...

This year, I’m celebrating 12 years in the media and PR industry. 

I made the decision to embrace the full-time freelance life as a PR consultant, author and content writer when my husband and I moved to lovely Cumbria.

My writing career began when I was 19-years-old and I followed in my mum’s footsteps, starting my professional writing career as a journalist. 

The journalism industry is notoriously one of the most difficult industries to break into. However, after becoming a fully-qualified NCTJ journalist, I beat 200 candidates to land a job on my local paper – going on to become a senior reporter before the age of 21.  

Throughout my time as a journalist, I covered every type of story – from breaking news to hard-hitting interviews and everything in-between. I was also editor of a number of columns, specialising in writing about food & drink, business news and local history. 

When I moved into the PR industry, I worked at one of the top five agencies in the UK. During my PR career, I’ve led campaigns for some of the country’s leading brands in the housing, hospitality, sport, retail, transport, beauty and leisure sectors. 

Thanks to this blend of experience – and a decade of working in media and public relations – I pride myself on always being able to offer a (bloomin’) creative and professional perspective. 

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