Words with impact that jump off the page and capture the essence of your business

Your content is the heart of your brand.  

Think about it. It’s everywhere – on your website, business card, blog, social media and everything in-between. It’s what you use to communicate your business to the world. 

Your content and tone of voice is what gives your brand an identity. It’s what makes it unique. It’s what differentiates it from competitors.  

That’s why content is such a powerful tool.  

If you work with me, I will make every word count with fresh and dynamic content – through words with impact that jump off the page and capture the essence of your business.  

Bloomin' Creative Copywriting Services

Blogs are a really effective way to communicate with your customers 

There are a number of different purposes to a blog. For example, they can help people learn more about your business through sharing company news and case studies. They can also be your platform to comment on industry developments and offer expert viewpoints on topical issues. 

My blogging support is flexible. I can either draft blogs for you to approve, then you can upload them to your website yourself. Or, I can also upload them to your website for you and I can source suitable images too. This requires minimal effort from your side, leaving you with more time to look after running your business. 

Blogging typically works best alongside a social media package so that I can share the blogs on your behalf. If you would like me to also draft the content for your monthly or weekly newsletter, I can combine this into a blogging package too. 

Another blogging service is my Creative Calendar - find out more about this here.

Hitting the right mark with your website content is crucial. Online content must be written in a way that’s clear, concise, compelling and also consistent.  

Strong website content means that you’re more likely to engage customers and encourage them to find out more about what you do and what you have to say.  

It goes without saying that this should be done in a way that maximises relevant SEO (search engine optimization) keywords. Writing your website content in a way that’s user-friendly and SEO-friendly ensures that you’re more likely to be found online by your target audience. It also helps Google recognise the exact purpose of your website and the individual pages. 

Website content can be created as a re-write of existing content if you need a little refresh, or alternatively, I can start completely from scratch.

High-quality marketing content must be consistent to be effective.  

I can create content for every type of marketing material, including newsletters, brochures, leaflets, presentations, guidebooks, testimonials and case studies.  

Or, of you would prefer to keep things in-house but would like some advice, I can put a plan in place for you and your team. This service is typically combined with a Creative Calendar which outlines ideas for regular blog posts and social media, as well as a tone of voice document to ensure that all content is consistent with your brand.  Find out more here.

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