Sincere storytelling, with a fresh and vibrant perspective for stories that pack a punch

Life as a journalist is never dull.  

When I was a senior newspaper reporter, I covered every type of story.  

Monday usually involved heading over to court and reporting on the latest crime stories. 

Tuesday was maybe a council meeting, covering local democracy issues. 

Wednesday perhaps involved interviewing local people about an important community story. 

Thursday could’ve been a ‘death knock’ – and taking care to handle a difficult story sensitively in all reporting.  

Friday was often spent drafting a travel review from a press trip, or writing a review of a newly-opened restaurant. 

In the space of a typical working week as a journalist, I would write about everything – from the weird and wonderful, to the heart-breaking and horrifying. 

began my journalism career a decade ago when I was 19-years-oldI pride myself on sincere storytelling, with a fresh and vibrant perspective for stories that pack a punch. 

Bloomin' Creative Freelance Journalism Services

I am a fully accredited NCTJ journalist qualified in news writing, law, public affairs and 100WPM (words per minute) shorthand.  

Throughout my time as a senior newspaper journalist, I covered every manner of story, including crime (court reporting), politics, business, community news, human interest features, celebrity interviews, food reviews and travel reviews. 

I was also editor of a number of columns, specialising in writing about food and drink, business news and nostalgia. 

Alongside news articles and features, my experience as a freelance journalist includes working as a researcher, writer and editor for investigative pieces. 

You can hire me for individual writing commissions, monthly retainers and short or long-term projects. 

Powerful ghostwriting requires the ability to be a flexible writer.  

am a writing chameleon, which means I can adapt to other writing styles and craft different tones of voice. 

Throughout my writing career, I’ve ghostwritten a host of different materials, including features, thought leadership pieces, editorial commentaries, non-fiction books and memoirs.  

My projects as a ghostwriter vary between in-depth background research, editing existing material and creating new copy from scratch. 

You can hire me as a ghostwriter on a per-project basis. 

Travel, food and drink are three of my biggest passions in life.  

Some of the best highlights of my career as a newspaper journalist involved writing reviews and features.  

In fact, I loved writing restaurant reviews and features about food and drink so much, that I was made editor of my own weekly column. I also enjoyed a number of press trips, both in the UK and abroad.  

I now channel my passion for writing about travel, food and drink in my personal blog. I’m PR-friendly and happy to chat about guest blogs, articles, reviews and press trips. Reviews can either be featured on my blog, or alternatively, you can hire me as a writer or ghostwriter for reviews in specific publications.  

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