Public Relations (PR)

A powerful way to lead the conversation, make your brand stand out and tell your story

Essentially, public relations is about reputation. It’s how others perceive you, as a result of what you do and say. 

As a business, this is vital. Your reputation will ultimately determine whether people – employees, investorssuppliers and customers (existingpast and potential) – want to support you.

Effective PR is key to every brand. It’s a powerful way to lead the conversation, make your brand stand out and tell your story.  

When PR is done well, it will give you a competitive edge and establish you and your business as a key authority in your industry. Therefore, offering exciting opportunities for growth, increased sales, customer loyalty and brand awareness. 


Bloomin' Creative PR Services

Effective PR campaigns must start with a strategy.  

If you don’t have a clear direction, plan and specific targets to measure your results against, then why commit the time, money and resources to any PR activity at all?  

launch all PR campaigns with a 12-month strategy that is aligned to my clients’ short-term and long-term business objectives. 

A PR strategy typically includes: 

  • SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based) objectives 
  • Approaches to dispel any potential myths or negativity surrounding your business or industry 
  • Proven PR tactics to secure media coverage 
  • An in-depth competitor analysis of your top competitors’ press and marketing activities 
  • A calendar of potential ideas and angles 
  • Digital PR guest blogging opportunities 
  • A list of industry-specific awareness days  
  • Media lists of local, regional and trade publications 
  • An explanation of evaluation techniques that will determine the success of the campaign. 


This PR strategy is a long-term business aid that you can keep and refer back to for ideas, inspiration and resources for months and years to come. 

do the hard work so you don’t have to. To get going, all I need from you are the answers to a simple questionnaire. This helps me understand more about your business, your existing marketing and PR experience, your competitors and your ultimate goals. This questionnaire can be completed either over email, phone or face-to-face and typically takes less than an hour.  

I have an eye for a story – I know how to spot one, tell one and write one.  

The easiest way to communicate a PR story is typically through a press release. This is basically a story that’s written in the same journalistic style as a news article. 

However, there are certain rules when it comes to press releases and it ithese insider tips that can mean the difference between failure and success in securing press coverage. 

As a former senior newspaper journalist, I know these golden rules. I know how to identify strong news hooks and I know how to write well-structured press releases that require very little editing from a journalist’s perspective. 

There’s also a big difference between writing a press release and an editorial for a publication.  

An editorial is another effective way of grabbing a reader’s attention, but this is something that must fit seamlessly alongside the existing pages of publication. For example, it must be completely objective, with no industry jargon or sales messages. 

The key to success in the press - whether you want to target trade, national or regional publications – is to know how to grab the attention of journalists with well-written content that is both newsworthy and relevant to their readers. 

Media relations is the core of any PR professional's day-to-day work.  

Thanks to my contacts book and my trusted relationships with journalists, I’ve helped my clients to secure millions of pounds worth of coverage in titles such as BBC News, The Times, The Telegraph, Mail Online, Guardian and Metro, to name just a few. 

I have especially strong contacts with the North West press, particularly Cumbria, Lancashire and Merseyside. That’s why a number of my clients are local businesses looking to gain maximum exposure in their local media. 

When handling press office services*, I am listed as the person to contact on my client’s website for any press and media enquiries. This means that journalists who would like further information, or to arrange an interview, can contact me directly.  

I handle incoming enquiries efficiently and professionally, which means my clients don’t need to worry about dealing with a journalist’s tight deadline, or perhaps a challenging line of questions. It means that I’m always on hand to help and advise about the best course of action to take. 

Time is of the essence when it comes to press office services. I can quickly draft comments for upcoming articles, act as your company spokesperson and proactively ‘piggyback’ onto stories that are relevant to your industry.  

I can also help to organise direct interviews with the press. When doing so, I will ensure that you are briefed so that you feel comfortable. I will give you digestible briefing notes that highlight your key messages to ensure that you always go into a media interview feeling confident and fully prepared. 

*Media relations and press office services are tied into my monthly retainer PR packages as add-on services. 

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