Social Media

Boost your online presence with creative content that speaks to your customers

The world of social media is ever-changing. The popularity of platforms is always evolving.

That’s why your business must be ahead of the game.  

But that doesn’t mean having a presence on every social media channel. 

Not all social media platforms were created equal and ‘vanity marketing’ is more widespread than ever. 

The key to success is to identify which platforms are having an impact – those that are actually helping you to reach your marketing goals.  

Once you’ve identified them, then you need to maximize their potential.  

This is exactly what I can help to do. 

Bloomin' Creative Social Media Services

You can outsource all of your social media to me and I will manage all of your channels.

This service includes a bank of original ideas, content creation (including images), uploading content, monitoring posts, engaging with followers and providing regular analytics.  

This is the easiest option if you would like to outsource all of your social media so that you don’t have to give it a second thought. Also included in this package is a Creative Calendar (a 12-month content calendar and strategy).

You can combine this service with a blogging package, which means your blogs are researched, written, uploaded and then shared through social media (find out more here). 

This is a full 12-month content calendar and strategy for your social media and blogs. 

My Creative Calendar outlines ideas for two blogs per month for an entire year. This includes summaries of the key points to include in each blog and ideas for related images.   

I’ll also create a bank of ideas related to your industry that can be used across your social media channels and other marketing platforms.  

This is a business aid that you can keep and refer back to for ideas, inspiration and resources for months and years to come.  

It’s easy to get started. After a fact-finding chat with you, I’ll get to work.  

You can expect the following from the finished project:  

  • 12-month calendar of ideas 
  • 24 blog ideas, including summaries of key points 
  • Suggestions for relevant images and image themes  
  • Evaluation of your existing social media activity  
  • New social media strategy  
  • Competitor analysis of your top competitors’ content and social media marketing activities  
  • Digital PR guest blogging opportunities  
  • List of industry-specific awareness days  
  • Tips and advice for individual social media platforms  
  • Tone of voice document created specifically for your business 
  • Posting schedule that incorporates popular hashtags and the best times and days to post for your specific audience.  


My Creative Calendar is priced at £300 for a year’s worth of ideas – working out at £25 per month! This tool is ideal if you want to keep your marketing in-house, but are perhaps stuck for inspiration and fresh ideas. 

If you’re looking for a helping hand in getting started with social media, then that’s certainly something I can help with. 

I can set up your channels for you and advise about content, images and an effective posting schedule. You’ll have my support and advice as you get underway.  

This service is typically combined with a Creative Calendar, which outlines ideas for regular posts, as well as a tone of voice document to ensure that all content is consistent with your brand.  

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